Here is Free Planning Tool based on Kanban and Agile.

How it works?

Here is few Kanban-Board basic principles:

How to work this tool? We have jabber-bots, each bot - is the column on the board. You send commands to bots to change task state.

How many people can use the sameone board? One or more. You can invite your friends to work together on one board. You can use this tools for personal kanban or to manage a Team.

How many boards can have one person? One or more. One board - require one jabber account. You must have jabber account for each your project.

But... it is so hard keep in minds... This is not a problem. If You set public (or anonymous) access level to your board, You will got all your plane/tasks on a web-pages.

Who need it? Distributed Teams. High mobility and anonymity is allowed - enought lightweight jabber, only.

So, here don't need google-accounts, facebook-accounts etc. NO REGISTRATION (no passwords, no emails, no javascripts, no cookies). Do You have jabber-account? This is enought!

How to start?

So, Are You ready to create your board? Just write something in jabber to agile-master@jabber.ua

Send command help, as second step.